The Naked Truth: Skin In or Out ?

Sexy is a word that all women love to hear when it comes to fashion and beauty.

The word sexy can be used to describe a certain level of confidence that a woman displays or it can simply define a woman’s style. Women are sometimes labeled negatively if they show too much skin, however, with new and sexy styles that are emerging in fashion, more women are embracing their femininity and showing more than just a neckline. So my question to you is… can a woman ever be dressed too sexy?

When appealing to the opposite sex is showing skin ‘IN’ or should something be left to the imagination?

Should you be concerned about being labeled or is it all about having enough confidence to pull certain fleshy looks off?

Many celebrity women such as Amber Rose, Rihanna and Lisa Raye know how to rock both the conservative and fleshy outfits. As we all know, there is a time and a place when showing skin is appropriate and when it’s not. For example, Amber Rose rocked a gorgeous white ensemble at Diddy’s All White Party this year (pictured, below).

Amber Rose..

Amber wore her back and shoulders out while showing a little peek-a-boo of her belly in the front. She definitely pulled off a stylish yet sexy smirk with this look. Amber also looked fabtastic in the red mermaid dress she wore for “The Model as Muse” costume gala held earlier this year in NYC.

Check out these hot celebs as they pull off both looks and let me know what you think. Is showing skin IN or OUT?

Cassie spotted at the BET Awards…

Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton…

Actress Taraji P. Henson..

—— By: Nisha Yvette


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