Tyrese Tells Ex Wife Get A Job In Divorce Update

Tyrese Gibson wants his soon to be ex-wife Norma to get a job and pay her own way, according to recently obtained court documents. Gibson, who filed for divorce late last year (2008), claims he has paid at least $75,000 worth of fees and other costs for a marriage that lasted less than a year. According to papers obtained by Radaronline, Tyrese says “Prior to this 10 month marriage, respondent and I entered into a prenuptial agreement which resolved all issues between us, other than those pertaining to our minor child.” Despite their being a prenuptial agreement, Norma Gibson is said to be seeking additional support from the entertainer but, his lawyer has some advice for her. Gibson’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan says “Ms. Gibson can and should seek employment and is lawfully employable in the United States at this time”. He is rumored to have also suggested that Gibson seek a vocational exam. As previously reported on Singersroom, the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen star’s soon to be ex-wife claims that she should be entitled to a portion of the his income. “He earned roughly $800k during the ten months of marriage,” says Norma Gibson. She went to say that she as “a single mother with no family or friends, with effectively no funds whatsoever” is being asked “to simply walk away from potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars simply because it is the petitioner’s (Tyrese) position she must do so.” In June, Tyrese covered Upscale Magazine and briefly discussed his ongoing divorce proceedings. “There’s a lot of people in your life that you do not necessarily get along with or are not on the same page with, and you’re still in their life. So do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do, which is spend time with your child,” said Tyrese.


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