Maxwell Talks Artist Motivation, For Service or Toys ?

“oh yeah, you know this guy is really doing it because he cares”,” Maxwell tells Singersroom. “I think that when I was trying to put together this next album, I was like why am I making this. I’ve said this before but, it’s like every artist, the first time they step into the world and first time they’re received or make that mark, it’s that feeling of doing it for the service of it rather than the result.” “And you know when you hear the other thing… “This guy is doing it just because he wants to buy that new Lamborghini”. While Maxwell does not give us names, it is safe to say that we, the record buying public, can come up with a few artists who appear to be more interested in buying chains and other toys. For more of Maxwell’s recent interview with Singersroom where he talks everything from the two discs that will follow this release to life behind the curtain CLICK HERE.


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