Does Janet Jackson Want Custody of Michael’s Kids ?

Janet Jackson is rumored to be eying custody of Michael Jackson’s three children. “Janet is blossoming into a woman with tremendous untapped maternal instincts. The children automatically turn to her for comfort and direction,” a source close to the Jackson family told Britain’s Grazia magazine. According to the same source the late King of Pop and Janet Jackson were very close and thus is trusted to take care of the children. In fact, said source believes Janet promised Michael that she would take care of the children if anything should happen. “When he had health concerns, he had a talk with Janet about how much she meant to him and the children, and how if anything happened to him, he wanted her to make sure the children would be loved and cared for in the same way he was raising them. She told him of course she would.” There is one problem with Jackson taking custody. According to news reports thus far, Katherine Jackson could end up being the legal guardian of the children. If Jackson, both Michael and Janet’s mother, retains custody, the source believes Janet will share in caring for the children — something the family agrees with. “The family think this could be a great idea – they are supportive of Katherine, but although she is in good health, she is nearly 80 and they are worried she is not up to the task.” As previously reported on Singersroom, Janet Jackson has returned to work on Tyler Perry’s forthcoming flick ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’… click here for more on that story.


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