Keyshia, Fantasia, and now Monica: Divas Gone Reality 09

Reality television has long been associated with competitions such as American Idol and intimate portrayals of our neighbors from John & Kate Plus 8 to Bridezillas. Over the last few years however, women who belt out songs like “Let It Go,” “Free Yourself” and “Waterfalls” have jumped into the genre that has even forced the Emmy Awards to create a category for reality show hosts. But the woman who seemingly started this revolution, if you will, may surprise you. When it comes to cameras and divas, look no further than ‘The Voice’ aka Whitney Houston. In 2005 Houston became the star of what was intended to be her husband’s reality show “Being Bobby Brown” on BRAVO. While Brown is a legend in his own right( say what you will..) Houston became the star attraction with mainstream America seemingly shocked to see the woman painted as “America’s Sweetheart” setting the record, Bobby and anyone getting a bit too close, straight from the backyard to the Bahamas’ most popular resort Atlantis. Nonetheless, Houston can’t be blamed for what has come of reality television that some would say has become nothing more than staged fights and overextended drama. Since Brown and Houston debuted on BRAVO however, recording artists including Keyshia Cole, T-Boz of TLC and now Monica have jumped face first into reality television. According to research done earlier this month, at least five new reality shows are coming from R&B songbirds between now and Spring of 2010. To find out who is taking on reality and what the theme of their specific shows are click here for an exclusive sneak peek at ‘Divas Gone Celebreality’.


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