Will Live Michael Jackson Memorial Crash the Internet ?

Michael Jackson’s untimely death was as much known for the historic and rapid use of technology as a way to spread news as it was for crashing major websites and causing the internet to slow to unprecedented lows. With a live feed slated to be used to broadcast Tuesday’s memorial, there is concern that websites may not be able to cope with the consistent pulling of data at one time. When news of the King of Pop’s untimely death took over the net Thursday, June 25, websites including Twitter, TMZ, Yahoo News and MSNBC went down due to traffic. According to Mashable, Michael Jackson’s memorial service will end up testing “the entire infrastructure of the web”. “This event will almost certainly shatter records for the biggest single live stream ever, and could be one of the biggest worldwide media events in history. Will the web be able to handle it?,” says Mashable’s Ben Parr. There is no doubt that both streaming and social media sites including Twitter will see a surge in traffic from Tuesday’s memorial. In related news, over five networks are slated to cover Michael Jackson’s memorial service at Los Angeles’ Staples Center (details here).


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