Tyler Perry Disgusted Over Negative Jackson News

Tyler Perry is disgusted with negative news reports related to Michael Jackson’s shocking death last week. Perry, directing the Janet Jackson featured ‘Why Did I Get Married Too,’ a sequel to ‘Why Did I Get Married,’ spoke with Atlanta’s Q100 Monday. “These are human beings, they’re human beings,” Perry told The Bert Show. “I wouldn’t wish the level of fame he achieved on my worst enemy. I am so disgusted, that, with every great thing that’s being said about him, there’s a million negative things being said. Why can’t it just be about his legacy rather than the tarnished part of what he was acquitted for? It bothers me that this is the focus.” Perry’s call follows a weekend mixed with both tributes and extensive news coverage dedicated to Jackson. While the tributes have been watched by millions, the commentary surrounding Jackson’s death and legacy has been repeatedly tainted with talk of the King of Pop’s legal woes. Even though Jackson was acquitted of the alleged charges, much of the coverage has been tinged with the case and other troubled items instead of focusing on Jackson’s musical, philanthropic and humanitarian legacy. Perry, having dealt with his own legal woes and a reported stalker, went on to plea for peace. “I hope that people will just send up a prayer for his family. Even though they’re famous these are regular human beings. If you cut them, they bleed. Having to deal with all this negativity is hard.” Funeral and memorial arrangements are being made for the King of Pop. Jackson died last Thursday, June 25. He was 50.


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