Chris Brown Verdict Sparks Youth Intervention Campaign

Now that Chris Brown’s controversial felony assault case is nearly complete, domestic violence experts say attention must be placed on youth. “This case is a chilling reminder of how dangerous domestic and dating violence can be,” says The Family Violence Prevention Fund, an organization that works to end violence against women and children around the world. News of Brown’s verdict, handed down as part of a plea deal Monday, has been greeted with both acceptance and displeasure. One thing the verdict has enticed across the board, is the need for discussion and intervention related to domestic violence. Citing teens in abusive homes and alarming statistics that include a reported two million injuries to women from intimate partners each year, the Family Violence Prevention Fund says youth, like Brown, “who grow up in violent homes need intervention.” “Violence like this occurs every day in every community, and victims need our support. In addition to getting them the help they need, we must all make a commitment to teach the next generation that violence is always wrong. Only when we do that will incidents like this become part of our past, rather than part of our everyday lives.” As a result of alarming statistics and nationwide attention placed on Brown’s case, the Family Prevention Fund, like related organizations is stepping up to the plate with a fresh campaign. In partnership with the Advertising Council, FVPF recently launched That’s Not Cool, a new campaign designed to help start a conversation among teens so they will connect the dots and recognize when controlling behavior becomes abuse. Learn more at


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