Chris Brown Earns A In Crisis Class, Will It Work ?

NBA Finals; album release parties; numerous recording sessions; random signings and video posts are not usual for most defendants in felony cases. However, Chris Brown is not normal and his crisis management team wants you to understand that — or do they ? Since his alleged assault on Rihanna, Brown has moved forward with his life. While not necessarily back to smiling on the red carpet or touring, sources say Brown is receiving help in painting an “I’ve moved on and you should too” portrait. According to a TMZ story released Tuesday, Brown’s team, including Sitrick and Company, has allegedly been plotting his every move for six weeks. These moves, including the NBA finals games, “I’m Not a Monster” video and random photographs with Omarion at numerous events, were all purported to place Brown in back to business mode. According to sources, who spoke with TMZ, the object of these photo-ops is to push Rihanna’s bruised photograph as far back as possible in the minds of potential jurors who may very well decide his fate if a trial goes down. So far, Brown has allegedly followed Sitrick’s requests. But will this alleged crisis management work ? Some believe Rihanna’s ability to bounce back and remain in the spotlight may also help with the case because she has essentially recovered–image wise. Regardless of if these alleged ‘moves’ are true or not, Brown will face a Los Angeles area judge Monday, June 22. That judge will then decide to either dismiss or proceed with his case that includes felony assault and making criminal threats charges.


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