Jamie Foxx Says I Almost Froze During Halle Berry Kiss

Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry shared, what appeared to be, a very passionate and shocking kiss on Spike TV’s “Guy’s Choice Awards” last month. For Foxx, the kiss started off as a planned joke but quickly turned into something he says he had to ‘think fast’ and act over. “I almost froze but I said, ‘Think quick Foxx,’ and I got into it… she really gave it to me and I appreciate that,” the ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ actor confirmed in a recent interview. While the kiss between the duo was passionate to say the least, Foxx is quick to point out his respect for the Oscar winner. “It was a joke. First, I want to let everybody know that I respect Halle Berry and I respect her relationship. But after she won the Oscar, Adrien Brody came up and laid a little tongue on her. So she decided to get me back, which I didn’t mind at all,” says Foxx. Both Foxx and Berry have forthcoming films on tap for release over the next year. Berry will appear in ‘Frankie and Alice’ while Foxx is due to appear in ‘Law Abiding Citizen’.


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