Where My Girls At ? – A Look at 702

1999 could be deemed the year of women’s anthems, with such hot tracks as: Whitney Houston’s “Heartbreak Hotel,” Destiny’s Child’s “Bills Bills Bills,” Blaque’s “808,” and Jennifer Lopez’s “If You Had My Love.” But one single that represents the epitome of the 1999 female anthem would have to be 702’s “Where My Girls At?” The single was hot but the album is everything you’d want from an LP and more.

702 burst onto the scene with the Missy Elliot-produced, smash hit “Steelo,” followed by two other hits “All I Want” and “Get It Together.” Their debut album “No Doubt” went Gold establishing the teen trio as a force to be reckoned with. Their self titled sophomore effort took three years to come to fruition and with Missy Elliott back at the production helm for “Where My Girls At?,” it was well worth the wait. The ladies at the time were adults and this album speaks on themes that resonate with an older demographic that has matured along with them.

“702” (the album) takes you on a journey through a typical relationship. With each track a new story or situation was illustrated to which many women of the nineties could relate. For example, “Make Time” explains how a woman needs some quality time if you want to be with them. “Gotta Leave” describes a woman fed up and telling the man he’s got to go! This album also offers a gospel touch with the Warren Campbell produced, Mary Mary penned track “What More Can He Do.” This song simply asks what more can He do to bless us after sending loving arms down from the sky to save us.

With me being a twelve-year-old military brat when the album was released, I couldn’t really relate. I did, however, know and sing along every note of the album. The album has something for everybody, it is what all debut follow up albums should be. “No Doubt” was a great jump off but “702” really made a name for the Las Vegas based trio. From beginning to end, every song brings soulful harmonies that speak the truth over an excellently produced music bed. This was one of those rare albums where you can put it in and let the whole thing play.

Since this album 702 went on to release a third album titled “Star” in 2003. This album featured the hot singles “I Still Love You” and the title track “Star”. Unfortunately, the album underperformed due to lack of promotion, and the group subsequently disbanded later that year. They did however leave quite the legacy with new lingo and anthems that won’t soon be forgotten during this month where black music is celebrated. 702, you are missed.

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—— By: Lauren M Walker


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