Weekend Rewind: Rihanna Courtside, T Pain Defends ‘Big Chain,’ Cassie on Google, more

In addition to this weekend’s much-talked-about “The Introduction of Marcus Cooper” album release party in Miami, where everyone from Chris Brown to Omarion and Bow Wow were in attendance, Rihanna, Cassie and T-Pain kept the net abuzz. Taking a break from the studio and acting classes, Rihanna surprised on lookers when spotted sitting courtside at the LA Lakers vs. Orlando Magic game on Sunday. No word on who Rihanna was rooting for but, the Lakers won. (click here for photos) In other news, Cassie took to radio to defend herself and the “nude photo leak” that occured last month. Instead of moving forward, Cassie blamed Google’s email service GMAIL and a ‘hacker’ for pulling the stunt she calls “foul and evil”. Speaking with DJ JoJo, Cassie said an investigation into who leaked the photos is being conducted: “We’re closer to an idea of who did it. It’s being somewhat investigated. But I think we’re closer to finding out who it was. “I wasn’t sure what the situation was until we asked more questions and found out more things, but it was in an old email from like last year that I had. Actually it was GMail and sometimes GMail is the worst “It was a year ago I took the pictures and sent them. I don’t even have the pictures anymore, so that was the crazy part about it. I got a phone call about 11 at night and my stomach fell. I freaked out for a second and then, what can you do when that happens. “A lot of people take pictures like that for their significant other and that’s what it was for me, I had sent them to someone.” “Now I’ve learned not to use an email to send a picture obviously,” she concludes. Cassie was not the only one defending photographs this weekend though, T-Pain is making no apologies for his controversial “Big A** Chain”. In a photograph released late last week, taken by the BET Award winner, a chain that reads “Big Ass Chain” and covers T-Pain from chest to waist sent fans and others into a rage over the entertainer’s seeming waste of money. After receiving backlash from observers, T-Pain defended his choice to buy the well over $400,000 chain, stating: “Let’s celebrate the fact a black man can have things like this and still care for 3 kids and wife in a $6 million house with 32 cars. Oldest child 5 and already got 4 million in her own account. I don’t do dumb sh*t like this till I know the fams good. so don’t judge me from what I buy. Judge me from what I do. Cuz it’s so many artists that put themself before their family.” **blank stare** In more digestible news, Akon is rooting for Whitney Houston ! Speaking on Houston’s comeback, announced last week, the Konvict entertainer told reporters “The voice is there. I don’t think anyone could ever take that from her. As long as we apply that voice to hit records, she’ll be right back where she left off.”


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