Testimony, What Will Rihanna Face at Brown’s Hearing ?

Now that a not guilty plea has been entered and a motion from Chris Brown attorney Mark Geragos has been denied, “Disturbia” singer Rihanna is clear to take the stand. As reported Thursday, she will be required to do so at Brown’s preliminary hearing. With a battered photo leak and evidence in question, what will Rihanna face at the preliminary hearing ? For Rihanna, the preliminary hearing will be more than crucial to the case as her testimony has been deemed necessary in addition to that of the officers who arrived on the scene first. Prosecutors will be expected to prove that evidence compiled during the investigation is substantial enough to go to trial. In effect, everything from the blood stained Lamborghini photographs to finger prints are likely to be discussed. If the evidence is substantial enough to warrant a criminal trial the judge will likely dismiss defense arguments and order a criminal trial date. Legal experts believe Rihanna will be questioned by the prosecution and then cross examined by Brown’s legal team, including Mark Geragos. In addition, Rihanna will face Brown, who is also ordered to be present at the preliminary hearing. As previously reported, Mark Geragos had filed a motion with the court, which, if approved, would have required the LAPD to offer up results of the “photo leak” investigation (ie: Rihanna’s leaked alleged post beating photograph released on TMZ.com). Geragos, focused on the photograph, noted that the leak ‘In and of itself…would not only constitute demonstratable bias on the part of the involved officers but could potentially be the basis for a Motion to Dismiss Outrageous Governmental Misconduct.’ While the “Rehab” singer’s attorney Donald Etra stated “Rihanna would be pleased if it were over quickly,” the case could likely continue past the preliminary hearing unless a plea agreement is reached. In fact, legal expert Peter Haven believes both Brown and Rihanna will push for a plea deal in the interest of discretion. In other words, keeping things quiet to avoid revealing additional items, not otherwise revealed, that could be damaging. Chris Brown’s preliminary hearing is scheduled to take place June 22.


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