Stop The Music: Rihanna’s Nude Leak Erasing Sympathy, Support ?

Photos of an alleged nude Rihanna have leaked. Chris Brown has denied involvement and Rihanna’s team has asked that “images purported to be Rihanna” be removed from websites — all headlines over the past weekend. So what is next for the singer who many have supported and conveyed sympathy towards over the last few months… have we lost respect for her or are we even more concerned for her future ? Nearly one week ago Rihanna donned a glamorous tuxedo, smile and fresh haircut for the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Benefit in New York in what we all saw as a fitting comeback. Headlines across the net and television pitted Rihanna as triumphant, gorgeous, and ready to get back to work after February’s alleged assault at the hands of fellow singer Chris Brown. Now with several photos leaked across the net, public perception and surprisingly once immense sympathy for the singer might be fading. Fans and music enthusiasts have already commented on the photos calling the incident everything from “stupid” to “unfortunate”. In fact, a Singersroom visitor wrote “she and the group she hangs with certainly don’t fit the role of Role Model”. However, Rihanna is not the first celebrity to be caught in a ‘private’ photo related controversy. Some say the timing of this leak has had an effect on public perception. The alleged photos came during a week where not only fellow entertainer Cassie endured a nude photo ‘leak’, but right after Miss California USA reportedly lied about a photo scandal of her own. Reports are already suggesting that Miss California USA may in effect loose her crown. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate to see Rihanna going through yet another scandal as in effect this would be the star’s second leak. The first leak occurred when TMZ issued a ‘post beating’ photo of Rihanna’s facial injuries from Chris Brown’s alleged attack. What do you think ? …. share your thoughts below


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