Does Tyrese Really ‘Like Dem Girls,’ Wife & Prenup Say No

When Tyrese was belting out songs like “Sweet Lady,” “I Like Dem Girls” and “One” he might not have meant every word, especially since his soon to be ex-wife will likely walk away with next to nothing thanks to a prenup ! Having essentially called the singer a “deadbeat dad,” the actor/singer’s estranged wife Norma may have extra words for the “Transformers” star now that a prenup she signed has hit the net and details when and how she could be put out of their (his) house ! According to documents attained by TMZ, Norma signed a prenuptial agreement that stipulates that if either side files for separation or divorce, Norma is required to move out of the house “within 60 days” or else Tyrese can willfully obtain “a court order” to remove her from the premises. More significant however, is a deal that required Tyrese to pay Norma a lump sum of $50k for every year they were married. Unfortunately for Norma, they did not make a year and only lasted 10 months and thus, according to the prenuptial, she is not entitled to any form of compensation. As previously reported, Tyrese was ordered to pay Norma $6,230 in child support and other miscellaneous expenses related to their two year old daughter in March. Speaking on her impending divorce Norma Gibson told reporters: “Persons in the entertainment industry always seem to have a fascinating ability to characterize their life choices as somehow different, more important and not a matter of choice, but a requirement, entitling them to special rules and considerations.” According to TMZ, Norma Gibson’s assets include only paintings and jewelry.


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