Ciara Says She’s Not A Copycat, Just Being Creative

As the release date edges closer for her new album Fantasy Ride, critics are beginning to weigh in on Ciara, associating her with other artists look and style. Rumors have been floating around that she is trying to be like the late Aaliyah but the latest allegation is based around her new single “Love Sex Magic,” and it’s comparison to Beyonce’s “Diva.” The Goodies star has been attacked by online bloggers for appearing to copy Beyonce’s video by recreating poses and donning similar fashions in Love Sex Magic, which also features Justin Timberlake. So what does Ciara has to say about the accusations? “I don’t think there’s really anything to address. I think it’s very, very funny,” she tells Honey magazine. “They must have really enjoyed (my video) that much to go and nitpick it, because it’s something they pulled up and was (sic) like, ‘Yo! There were a couple of things in there that I’ve never seen (from Ciara).’ And the singer claims any similarities are pure coincidence, because she aims to create something new and fresh with every release. She adds, “I think that it’s important for us as artists to be original and to create something new, so it would be really silly of me to go and create something you’ve already seen.” “So not one time were any of my references another artist… It goes to show how creative we can be and how close the worlds are.” “I did my first video with my metal outfit. I was inspired by Thierry Mugler. Now, from my understanding, Beyonce is using Thierry Mugler for her tour. It just is what it is. It’s very petty to me.”


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