Rihanna Dad and Fans Divided Over Chris Brown’s ‘Not Guilty, Your Honor’

Chris Brown’s decision to plead not guilty, in a Los Angeles court Monday, might have taken a toll on the respect that fans and others had for him. In fact, some say the singer is a coward and should “do time”. Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty, for one, believes Brown’s not guilty plea is almost like a slap in the face. “So what happened…. somebody else did this to Rihanna then ?,” Fenty told US Weekly. Fenty’s sentiment has been echoed by some fans who say Brown’s not guilty plea is surprising considering the evidence mounted against him. One fan even said “how can he say he’s not guilty when it happened after that party and in the car he was driving”. However, some fans and critics believe Brown did what was best for him. One Singersroom visitor weighed in shortly after the not guilty plea was entered and stated: “Chris should come out of here with no more than probation. Ask yourself this. Isnt it funny how the man is the blame when he puts his hands on a woman ?” Regardless of the plea and its effect on public perception, Rihanna’s father wants “justice to prevail”. “I think he’s a talented guy, but everybody should have to pay” “When you do the crime, you do the time. I don’t want to see him locked up for a long time. I just want him to acknowledge and get some help,” says Fenty. Chris Brown is set to appear for a preliminary hearing April 29. Are you okay with Chris Brown’s “Not Guilty” Plea ?


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