Kanye West True Victim In Airport Scuffle, Airlines Outed For Selling Celeb Travel Plans

While we all watched Kanye via YouTube or on international news as he scuffled with paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport last year, sources say the airlines and an alleged celeb-broker of sorts are to blame ! According to STOParazzi, an organization aimed at protecting celebrities from overzealous paparazzi, airlines have been informing paparazzi of passenger lists and travel itineraries for celebrities. “The main culprits are three major airlines. We believe and have proof, airline officials and employees are on the take and photo agencies are more than happy to pay them to turn over the manifests,” says STOParazzi President Terry Ahem. “Interesting that you can’t, for the life of you, find out what flight your mother is on but Miley Cyrus’s travel itinerary can be purchased for a few bucks.” In a report issued Monday, STOParazzi singled out an individual nicknamed “The Party Crasher,” who they say is notoriously known for providing flight information to photo agencies and tabloid journalists. With people like “The Party Crasher” in mind, STOParazzi makes the valid point that paparazzi no longer have to stalk celebrities, instead with airlines cooperating, they’re waiting for the celebs at their destination. In related news, sources say several organizations are backing a potential bill that would further deter employees of law enforcement agencies from releasing photos or information that exploits the victims of crimes. Sources say “We can no longer tolerate the leaking of private information when an interest turns into stalking. Kanye obviously is sick of being stalked. Can you blame him for flipping out ?”


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