Rihanna ‘On The Move’ Without Brown, Plus Kids Give Brown A Pass !

Rihanna is reportedly focused on moving forward after nearly a month in seclusion and complete silence. “She’s not hiding at this point. She’s trying to get her life back in order,” a source told PEOPLE Monday. Photographed several times over the weekend, once with Beyonce, Brandy and Jay-Z and once alone with friends, Rihanna appears to be as bit of diva as she appeared before February 8. While it has been confirmed by basically everyone that Rihanna is back with Chris Brown, several sources are starting to come forward stating “Rihanna is trying to figure it all out” and may end things with Brown to preserve her career. A decision to push Chris Brown to the side would be undoubtedly applauded by many people but more importantly it may repair damage to the singer’s image after she decided to reunite with Brown in Miami some weeks ago. Since reuniting with Brown, Rihanna has been cast in a negative light by some who believe she is a “poor” example for young girls. As of now, there is no confirmation as to where Rihanna stands on Chris Brown. In related news, results from a survey conducted in Boston astonishingly blames Rihanna for Chris Brown’s alleged lash out. The survey, based on youths age 12 to 19, found that 51% said Brown was responsible while 46% said Rihanna was responsible. While the former “Take A Bow” singer was not found to be the people’s “guilty party,” the numbers, certainly close, are alarming considering the leaked image and investigative reports issued through several media outlets. In an article released through the UK’s Guardian, an observer wrote “This is beyond disturbing. Somehow our children have learned that violence is an acceptable and appropriate response to a domestic disagreement. This is what children learn from media messages like this cover of broad-circulating supermarket tabloid Star, which purports to reveal “What made Chris snap”. As if Rihanna could have said something to which the brutal attack of which Brown is accused was an understandable reaction. As if she stepped over the line and the vicious blows that bloodied her nose and mouth and swelled her eyes and forehead were justified.” The observer goes on to make a very valid point by stating “According to the Boston survey 100% of the surveyed youths had heard of the Rihanna-Chris Brown case. American kids are paying attention. Clearly, they have not yet learned that this kind of violence is utterly unacceptable, and if Brown is given a celebrity pass and allowed to rehabilitate himself, they won’t.”


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