Rihanna Seeks Refuge In Studio, Will She Turn To ‘My Life’ For 4th Album ?

Just three months ago embattled chart-topping singer Rihanna was plotting a follow up to the massive hit album “Good Girl Gone Bad” and hitting the studio with some of the industry’s most notable producers. Today, Rihanna faces an impending case surrounding her ‘altercation’ with Chris Brown and the potential toll that time can have on a recording career. With news that she’s easing back into the studio, the question is … will she heal and release any pain and frustration she may be feeling on this effort ? While Rihanna has captured the attention of nearly every human being that listens to music, watches television or listens to the radio over the last 30+ days, her voice, while still being played (“Rehab,” “Disturbia,” “Take A Bow”) at radio, is needed for a much anticipated fourth album. Originally slated for release later this year, Rihanna’s as-yet-untitled fourth disc was moving ahead with several songs and word of the singer evolving on the project. However, that all came to a stand still Feb. 8 when she and Chris Brown became headline news and the new faces for Domestic Violence and Abuse. While friends, family and critics watch and wait for a verdict or plea in the Chris Brown case, Rihanna is expected to move forward… so will the album get release this year and more importantly will it become a diary of sorts like Mary J. Blige’s critically acclaimed “My Life?” Atlanta-based producer Adonis seems to believe Rihanna is healing through music and will eclipse the multi-platinum certified “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Speaking with Hip Hollywood recently, Adonis says “her refuge is her music. She’s easing back into it.” Working with previously embattled stars including Jennifer Lopez, who was the subject of a highly publicized split with Bad Boy mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Adonis admits to fooling the paparazzi by sending empty cars as decoys and sending Rihanna out back doors in order to avoid trouble with photogs and paps looking for exclusive answers from the pop diva. Despite having to be a lot more watchful, Adonis says Rihanna’s music is going to be an “eclipse of what she’s done before.” In the next few months we’ll find out just how strong Rihanna is and whether this effort will become, as some are predicting, her strongest effort to date. As with any struggle, low moment and/or dramatic event, we all find an outlet to release the pain, frustration, and tears. Let’s hope Rihanna is able to grow, move forward and if she feels up to it, share the journey with us. Like Mary J. Blige, who endured the trials and tribulations of life in the 90’s but had a “Breakthrough” in the new millennium, Rihanna’s struggle can and more than likely will help men and women who may be going through a similar situation. In fact, Mary J. Blige once said “Don’t get me wrong – it has been hard. There were days when I was tired. But when someone comes to me and says that I’ve saved their lives – that has kept me doing this.” “After the My Life album there was a moment when I put it on wax, there were so many people that spoke to me or wrote me about that album and how they identified with that album and my suicidal pain. I didn’t want them to go through those suicidal pains, so I wanted to get myself together so that we could all get ourselves together. I can’t force things down people’s throats but what I can do is try to fix Mary.” (cred: UGO) What do you think…. Do you expect Rihanna to release a “My Life -esque” effort?


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