Chris Brown Case Heats Up, Sources Say Rihanna ‘Abused’ Chris Brown Before February Altercation !

Just days after Chris Brown was charged with Felony Assault and paid his first visit to a Los Angeles area courtroom, sources are claiming Rihanna was the first to hit Brown on several occasions prior to their Feb. 8th altercation ! In recent reports issued through both TMZ and Hollyscoop, Rihanna is said to have struck Chris Brown numerous times both the night of their Feb.8 altercation and on tour in Europe. As a result of the alleged violent occurrences, legal counsel for Chris Brown say he’s prepared to plead guilty on a misdemeanor charge as Rihanna’s abuse prior to the charged altercation makes it impossible to demand a felony plea. As previously reported, Brown and Rihanna’s fight started with a text message from another woman, which according to documents, escalated when Rihanna allegedly “hit” the singer who, this time, struck back repeatedly. While it is known that Rihanna told L.A. investigators that her fights with Brown were getting worse of over time, sources now claim Rihanna made it clear she was verbally abusive to Brown on at least two occasions. According to Hollyscoop, the “Take A Bow” singer told investigators she felt threatened when the first incident took place in Europe three months ago, when she allegedly said she slapped Chris Brown. In self defense of the “blow up”, Chris Brown is said to have put her up “against the wall” and told her to calm down. The second incident, which Hollyscoop claims its sources revealed, occurred in Barbados where a text message was, yet again, the subject of a verbal altercation. This time however, no physical altercation or fight insued. Despite the fact that Rihanna may have been verbally abusive or started the fight over a text message, the singer’s injuries and another text message that Brown allegedly sent to Rihanna’s assistant apologizing for the Feb. 8 fight, could implicate the singer and therefore rule out any possibility of a misdemeanor plea. While sources say Rihanna and Brown have had problems for some time now, there is no proof of the alleged incidents and rumor that Chris Brown walked away from the “Rehab” singer on several occasions. In related news, both Brown and Rihanna are back in the studio. Reports from producers including Adonis have confirmed the duo are recording separately. Brown in Los Angeles and Rihanna in Atlanta. There is no word as to when their respective projects, previously set for release this summer, will be released. Speaking about his studio time with Rihanna recently, Adonis says “her refuge is her music. She’s easing back into it.” Chris Brown is due to appear in court April 6.


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