Chris Brown, Rihanna Eye $10 Mil Deal and Abuse Book ?

R&B/Pop sensations Rihanna and Chris Brown are rumored to be piecing together a deal that would allow them to move past their current Domestic Abuse situtation. In a recent Chicago Sun Times article, Brown and Rihanna are said to be zeroing in on a book deal and several appearances geared at abuse and music. Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker says, Brown and Rihanna plan to co-author a book about abuse and appear together on a number of talk shows however, the couple’s deal has a $10 million clause ! The clause, which has been refuted by Rihanna’s lawyer Etra, allows Rihanna to cash in on $10 million if Chris Brown so much as squeezes her arm the wrong way. Some say the deal, which allows the duo to move forward together, is much of a commitment from Brown that “this” will never happen again. “It’s obviously a kind of commitment from him to her that he was serious about the fact that this will never happen again,” said Zwecker. Talk of Brown and Rihanna’s deal seems to substantiate rumors that the two have tied the knot, however, neither party has commented on the marriage rumor. Chris Brown is due in court April 6th on charges related to his ‘altercation’ with Rihanna.


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