Will Ciara and Beyonce ‘Diva Check’ Keri Hilson ?

By now you’ve heard Keri Hilson’s “Turnin’ Me Off” remix featuring T-Pain and Polow Da Don where the former “Energy” singer takes on fellow female artists, rumored to be Beyonce and Ciara. The question is … will any of the ladies step up to Keri Hilson ? While it has not been confirmed, Beyonce is rumored to have heard about “Miss Keri’s” diss and reportedly laughed it off stating “Why she dissing me, is it because I didn’t want her tracks ?” For Beyonce, female artists throwing heat her way is not new. In fact, Beyonce recorded a song titled “Back Up” a few years back that appeared to be a response to haters. Singing “everybody can’t do this, some ain’t got a clue till they hear me spit,” Beyonce has the chops to respond to Keri, but will she ? On the otherside of the story, you have Ciara. Like Beyonce, Ciara is not the confirmed target of Hilson’s rant but she is the one that has worked with Hilson before. In fact, “Miss Keri” penned a song for CiCi and is believed to be the one referred to in the line “check the credits hoe.” Should Ciara respond? Some may say yes, especially since she remixed Beyonce’s “Diva”. Singing “a lot of people talkin’ ish, I don’t really give a ish’. I ain’t going no where. this diva here for a minute,” Ciara could take on Keri Hilson if she chose to do so. Oddly enough, Ciara’s single “Never Ever” is Polow Da Don produced, the same can be said for Keri Hilson’s “Turnin Me On/Off”…. What do you think…. Should Ciara and Beyonce respond (or their alter egos Super C and Sasha Fierce) ? SRC: Freddy O


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