Jackson & Jackson Sign On For Fox and Patriot Films

Hollywood actors Brandon T. Jackson and Samuel L. Jackson are reeling over newly signed films this week, Variety reports. Brandon T. Jackson, who starred in “Tropic Thunder” (2008), has reportedly earned a role in the forthcoming FOX 2000 picture ‘Percy Jackson’. According to Chris Columbus, who helms the forthcoming adventure/fantasy, ‘Percy Jackson’ is about a titular schoolboy whose world is turned upside down when he discovers that his father is actually the Greek God Poseidon. The film, expected to be shot in Europe this Spring, kicks off with Percy becoming the prime suspect when Zeus’ master lightening bolt is stolen. The boy then has just 10 days to find and return the stolen property to bring peace to the warring gods. Brandon T. Jackson will play Percy’s best friend Grover, a satyr. In related news, Samuel L. Jackson, fresh off a deal to portray Nick Fury in Iron Man 2, has signed on for the indie drama ‘Rape: A Love Story’. Based on the Joyce Carol Oates novella published in 2003, ‘Rape..’ centers on a mother recovering from a brutal gang rape who is stalked by the perpetrators but is protected by a sympathetic cop. Samuel L. Jackson will star as a sympathetic cop in the drama slated for lensing this June.


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