Chris Brown Facing Hollywood Cuts, ‘Bone Deep’ To ‘Shelf’ Singer ?

First it was the endorsement deals, then the radio stations and now Hollywood is rumored to be showing Chris Brown the cold shoulder. Hollywood insiders close to Chris Brown’s forthcoming film “Bone Deep” are rumored to have said that Brown will be erased from all promotional campaigns and other marketing activities. ‘Bone Deep,’ also starring Idris Elba (‘Obsessed’, ‘Daddy’s Little Girls’) and T.I. (‘ATL’), centers around a group of bank robbers who pull off a daring heist and features Chris Brown as one of the robbers. Prior to Brown’s altercation with Rihanna Feb. 8, the singer’s film career seemed promising, especially since he landed a multi-picture deal with Screen Gems which includes ‘Bone Deep’ and the basketball flick ‘Phenom’. However, with Brown’s ‘boy next door’ image tarnished, insiders says Brown’s Hollywood career may take a hit. With that said, time is on the singer’s side in this case since ‘Bone Deep’ hits theaters in early 2010, therefore, there is still time for all facts to presented. Like Brown, Hip Hop star T.I., who will serve time on weapons charges, has a multi-picture deal with Screen Gems and will likely appear in marketing and promotional activities for ‘Bone Deep’ later this year. In related news, one Hollywood director says he’s standing by Brown no matter what. “Chris’ current situation hasn’t had any effect on things in terms of the film (‘Caramel’). We’re still planning on working with him,” says writer/director Melvin James. According James, Brown is likely to star in his flick ‘Caramel’ later this year. ‘Caramel,’ a film James says is a “modern version of the film American Graffiti” would feature Brown as the male lead, Cali, who has a love story with the film’s title character Caramel in much of a coming of age story centered around music, cars and teenage life. In recent years Chris Brown has appeared in at least two well received films including the blockbuster ‘Stomp The Yard’ and his more fitting ‘boy next door’ flick ‘This Christmas’. ‘Bone Deep’ was shot in 2008. Source: WOOHA/Life&Style


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