‘Fixated’ Part 2: Take Chris Brown Down ?

As written in ‘Fixated Part 1’, Chris Brown has been under heavy scrutiny and attack since his alleged incident with Rihanna just before the Grammy Awards Sunday. Everyone from popular bloggers Perez Hilton and Love B. Scott to radio stations in Florida, New York, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania have put the former “Take You Down” singer on a ‘bed of hot coals’ …. but we have yet to see the charges … Fellow recording stars, like American Idol alum Carrie Underwood hope that everyone will back off and wait until the LAPD comes forward with its completed investigation. At this point though, it seems like Brown’s hit song “Take You Down” is becoming reality… except he’s the subject going down. In just six days both fans, radio personalities, bloggers, industry insiders and even PR specialists have said Chris Brown’s career is done – or – at least his ‘squeaky clean’ image is done. Yes, the first opinion that the singer’s career is over is a little harsh, however, the second opinion that Brown’s ‘boy next door’ image is toast is true. In fact, radical parents are likely pulling Brown’s posters from their children’s bedroom walls as you’re reading this. Unlike other child-stars, mainly actors who’ve had bouts with the law, Chris Brown’s rise to the top of Pop Culture, not just the R&B scene, was quick, celebrated and rivaled that of Michael Jackson. In fact, Brown had been donned the ‘new Michael Jackson’ on many occasions and had even warmed up to movie buffs who’d seen him in ‘Stomp The Yard’ and ‘This Christmas,’ the latter a role that fit his ‘good boy next door’ image. With that said Brown’s image was so well put together that his 2007 Giant Magazine interview, in which he discusses an abusive step-father, was virtually ignored in favor of hyping up his role in ‘Stomp The Yard’. Today there seems to be a fixation on taking the singer down like Michael Jackson who was donned ‘Wacko-Jacko’ after his bouts with the court on ‘child molestation charges’ and has since had a difficult time keeping his ‘King of Pop’ status (Jackson will always be iconic though). Without official ‘battery’ charges or photographs, Brown has already been booted from radio, television, and previously held endorsement deals while at the same time has celebrity friends distancing themselves from the situation (on camera) entirely. Much like T.I. and Terrence Howard, who spoke out in interviews and later retracted those very statements, it seems no one but relatives and die hard fans are loyal to the American Music Award winning Artist of the Year (2008). Fixated On The Fall ? Like the rise and fall of Milli Vanilli in 1990, who had a Best New Artist Grammy Award snatched due their highly publicized ‘vocal theft’, Chris Brown’s situation is turning into a prime time special. In fact, MTV is airing a “Where Did He Go Wrong” type series where fans and industry insiders will come together to discuss the fate of Brown and Rihanna. In a prepared release Friday, MTV titled the show “Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love In Trouble” stating it has “gathered journalists, industry professionals and other experts — as well as an in-studio audience of young fans — to provide insight and commentary about what the incident means for both artists’ careers and lives, and society in general.” ‘..Love In Trouble’ will air Monday, Feb. 16 at 6pm ET. But is all this premature ? In similar cases, which automatically cause you to think of R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, the backlash was hard to call. For R. Kelly, the charges and coverage surrounding them nearly worked in his favor in terms of record sales and charting singles. In fact some may say R. Kelly was at his peak during the several year legal battle which ended in July of 2008. For Brown, his case is up in the air. It is however, the court of public opinion, that has already weighed in with some counting the singer out and others waiting on the actual charges, investigation and whatever comes next. Silence… Not Golden After a week, Chris Brown spoke via statement issuing an ‘apology’ of sorts. To some it was an acceptable statement, to others it lacked ‘punch’… in others words a straight up apology and presentation of the facts. In the week’s leading up to Brown’s official court date it is likely we’ll learn more about what transpired that night. For now, at least we know Chris Brown and Rihanna are ‘okay’. *Views expressed in this article are not intended to glorify violence or sensationalism of such a traumatic and unfortunate event. If the allegations in this much discussed case prove to be true I wish both parties the best and hope that they are able to move forward stronger and wiser.*


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