‘Fixated’ on Chris Brown and Rihanna, A Post Election Dream ?

*Views expressed in this article are not intended to glorify violence or sensationalism of such a traumatic and unfortunate event. If the allegations in this much discussed case prove to be true I wish both parties the best and hope that they are able to move forward stronger and wiser.* How could Chris Brown do such a thing to Rihanna ? Why would he do this ? What did Rihanna do and did she provoke him ? – These are all questions that everyone wants to know after two of the R&B and Pop world’s most powerful and honestly, most ‘squeaky clean’ singers were allegedly involved in a serious domestic violence case. What is most troubling and dare I say unsurprising is the grab and hold on for dear life stance that magazines, radio stations, blogs, television networks and even people connected to Brown and Rihanna have done in the seven days that have passed since we first learned of the duo’s Pre-Grammy incident. Fixated on Brown and Rihanna ? In several December 2008 reports television and other media related entities including magazines such as PEOPLE and Saturday Night Live (SNL) experienced record numbers because of Barack Obama’s seemingly ‘once in a lifetime’ run and win for President. Not only was Obama’s campaign a ratings blockbuster for the television industry, it was also a savior for struggling newspapers including the New York Times and Tribune Co. . However, as noted at in a recent Hollywood Reporter article, media entities are doomed to face tough times in 2009. With the Obama story slowing down and less newspapers flying off shelves layoffs have already hit NPR, the New York Times, Clear Channel Radio and recently EbonyJet, all within weeks of Barack Obama’s inauguration. Fast forward to Grammy night – Music’s Biggest Night and for journalists and anyone in the business of covering events and news an all too important night for ratings, numbers, traffic on a blog and content for a magazine. Unfortunately for Chris Brown and Rihanna the news of their alleged altercation quickly became the runaway story that every outlet wanted a piece of. As they say the show must go on, this time however, the Grammys were seemingly put on the back burner while Chris Brown and Rihanna were moved up to headlining storyboards for blogs, radio, television and magazines. Plain and simple, Chrianna, as they’re often called, became the ‘bread and butter’ struggling outlets were desperate for. While the allegations were tragic and of concern, Brown and Rihanna quickly became top-shelf products, even overshadowing the comeback of once embattled entertainers Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson, not to mention R&B singer Usher’s emergency situation with wife Tameka Foster who endured complications during a cosmetic procedure in Brazil that same weekend. The Numbers Are In … Taking a glance at nearly every blog and most magazines Friday Feb. 13, Chris Brown and Rihanna are the week’s top story. This domination is overwhelmingly true on PEOPLE magazine’s website where the duo have four out of five slots in the popular magazines ‘Most Read Articles Of The Week’ space. The same can be said for some networks. MTV has been so slammed with news and commentary on the incident that they’ve decided to run a special show Monday night at 6pm to discuss the fate of Chris Brown and Rihanna. But that’s not all, the blogsphere is on fire. Looking at what some call ‘Black Gossip Blogs’ including Concrete Loop, The YBF and The Rundown, all three have tons of Chris Brown and Rihanna coverage. The YBF, seemingly the best website to nab a timeline, has coverage as early Sunday morning when reports first surfaced that the duo had been involved in a ‘car accident’. Chrianna More Important Than The Stimulus Package ? According to Yahoo, who keeps a record of its top keyword searches, Chris Brown and Rihanna were looked into more than the much needed Stimulus Package on Capitol Hill ! – as of Friday, February 13th. Where Do We Go From Here ? With the aforementioned items taken into account, the show stops for no one. More than likely this Chris Brown and Rihanna case will play out until we ‘the people’ get tired of reading and hearing about it… in mass quantity. On the account of the media, including myself and this blog, Chris Brown and Rihanna will continue to hit our news threads. It is clear that the global economic crisis has a hand in today’s news coverage and the creative minds behind the screen, camera and print. But how far do you go ? Some may say that radio stations are completely out of line by going the extra mile to discuss their reasoning for pulling Chris Brown’s music from their shows in newspapers and on television, while others might call attachment of Brown’s plight to a Valentine’s Day promotion a disturbing marketing ploy. Let’s face it… in the few minutes you’ve spent reading this another rumor, report, article or story is being put together because as the title reads (not to mention Television specials that are being put together)…. we’re Fixated ! Do you think the Chrianna situation is out of control ? Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Reuters, Blogging Stocks, CS Monitor, Yahoo, TheYBF, ConcreteLoop, PEOPLE, US Weekly, MTV News, WBLI, Media Takeout, TMZ and The Cleveland Plain Dealer


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