‘Like I Never Left’ Part I: Seven of This Year’s Top R&B/Pop Comebacks

Just like Whitney Houston’s 2008 announcement/single “I want you to love me like I never left,” featuring Akon, 2009 is set to be a year full of new releases from some of R&B and Pop’s adored recording stars. Some have been on hiatus for years, others have been busy with films and other projects. No matter what their reasons are, they’ve picked 2009 to make a comeback. In celebration of the upcoming releases Singersroom has compiled a list of over 19 forthcoming releases, some you’ve heard a few things about and others that may surprise you… whether they’re welcome surprises or not, is up to you to decide. Stay clicked to Singersroom through Monday as we dive through the three part series ‘Like I Never Left’. First up on our list is R&B singer/songwriter/actor Tank. Known for bringing R&B hits like “Maybe I Deserve,” “One Man,” and “Change Me” to the world both from the mic and the studio, Blackground recording artist Tank is poised to return with a new album is 2009. Since striking gold with his Grammy-nominated third album “Sex, Love & Pain,” Tank has reportedly spent time with The Underdogs and Tim & Bob in the studio in addition to working on new albums from Jamie Foxx, JoJo and Keri Hilson. While no release date has been set for Tank’s fourth album, it is rumored to be hitting stores mid-to-late 2009 with at least 14 new tracks. Speaking on his album, which is currently titled “Aggressive Beginning,” Tank says fans should expect a more aggressive sound this time out. Tank’s last album, “Sex, Love & Pain,” spawned two top 40 hits including “Please Don’t Go” and “Heartbreaker”. Going further into the vault, we’re excited about the songstress who gave us “As We Lay,” “Secret Love,” “Friend of Mine,” and countless other soulful songs in the 90s and early 2000s, in 2009 she’s making a big return to R&B…. if you haven’t picked up on who we’re talking about yet it’s Kelly Price ! After taking a break, which included several other projects, like the Gospel/inspirational album titled “This Is Who I Am” (2006), Price has plans to return to R&B with a brand new sound. Hopefully, releasing an album by years end, Price, who has also worked with the G&P Foundation for Cancer Research, has reportedly spent time in the Caribbean with Jamaica based dancehall/reggae group TOK recording a collaboration she says is “Heat”. While Price has collaborated with everyone from Whitney Houston to R.Kelly in the past, there is no word as to who else will appear on her forthcoming effort. Since her 1998 debut with “Soul of a Woman” Kelly Price has released four studio albums including the Platinum-selling “Mirror Mirror” (2000). Taking a look in Kelly Price’s “Mirror” (sans Sisqo’s collaboration with Kelly on “Love Sets You Free”) after experiencing a turbulent comeback attempt in 2008, R&B group Dru Hill, complete with a new member is set to drop “Indrupendence Day,” their long-awaited follow up to 2002s “Dru World Order”. While some may believe this is yet another chat session about Dru Hill returning, the foursome look to be serious about mounting a comeback in 2009 especially since their recently confirmed reality series “Platinum House” is headed to television and the web. Just 24 hours after the clock struck 12:01am on January 1st, Dru Hill issued a teaser single entitled “If You Fall” to signal their intentions. “If You Fall” is rumored to be followed by their album and another single in the spring. Speaking of groups, Chilli and T-Boz of the iconic group TLC each spent time on their solo debuts in 2008. While Chilli had a little fun with the single “Dumb, Dumb, Dumb,” we saw very little news on T-Boz’s debut. With the latter hitting reality television this spring (Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice) and talk of her long-awaited album heating up, it is likely that the as-yet-untitled effort or at least a single will drop in 2009. In a mid 2008 interview, T-Boz confirmed the album’s progress, stating she had at least 17 songs done. ” I want to do about 30 songs and see which ones I like the most,” says the former “Waterfalls” singer. Even though her album was originally touted in 2007, T-Boz wants fans to know she’s coming and when she does it’s going to be fire, in fact she says “I have a lot of goals and dreams still left to fulfill”. As for her counterpart Chili, who spoke with Singersroom last summer, she’s been quiet about her album “BiPolar”… let’s hope it will be released sometime this year. When she spoke with us, Chili admitted to release date issues (citing the original release date of September 2, 2008) “Every date we’ve ever had, on a TLC album, it’s just never that date; they always get pushed back or something crazy happens”. On to another group, and this one is for the more seasoned R&B fans who remember tracks like “Meeting In My Bedroom” and “Lose Control” – that’s right Silk is reportedly getting back together for a reunion album ! All members of the group have reportedly hit the studio and are planning to return with a new album in 2009. While no single has been released, Silk, who scored a top 5 hit with “Freak Me” in 1993, is likely to be welcomed with open arms. Since their debut in 1992, Silk has released six studio albums including the “We’re Calling You” led “Love Session” (2001). Speaking of open arms, 112, who left us confused about their future will supposedly release a new album after the release of solo debuts from Q (Q. Parker) and Daron in 2009. There’s no word as to who is contributing to the project or whether they will return as a trio since Mike of 112 told Singersroom that he’d moved on with his solo career in 2008. If 112 can get back together, a new album from all four guys would clearly be a good look for R&B in 2009 – lets hope for the best ! That’s a rap for “Like I Never Left Part 1.” Click Here for Part 2 of “Like I Never Left” featuring forthcoming releases from Toni Braxton, Omarion, Sammie, LeToya Luckett, and Maxwell !


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