Danity Breaks: Dawn Richard Confirms Danity Kane Is A Wrap !

The rumors are true according to Dawn … Danity Kane is officially over ! “You’ll see me and Drea (Aundrea) try and pick up the pieces on our own, pieces we didn’t even make,” says Danity Kane’s Dawn Richard. Confirming the group’s split via MTV late Wednesday, Dawn says the final split occurred when Shannon Bex decided not to return for the new season of Making the Band 4 ! “It’s devastating to me. As of right now, Danity Kane doesn’t exist. Dawn, who had also been the subject of several rumored solo records before the last season of Making The Band 4, admitted that an invitation was sent to all members of Danity Kane but only she and Aundrea returned. Discussing Shannon’s decision to leave on her own, Dawn says “I don’t know why. I think she’s just happy”. “I thought we were all going to come back and talk… I just know I got off the plane and found out I was the only one there and Drea came the next day.” While little is known about Diddy’s decision regarding the group, Dawn’s rumored solo album and of course Aundrea’s status, Dawn confirmed that she spent most of the season hanging out with Day 26. According to MTV, you’ll be able to witness everything as it unfolds on the next season of Making the Band 4 premiering February 12th !


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