LipChecked: Aubrey O’Day Talks New Album, Perez Hilton ‘Bites’ Back At Blog Diss

Former Danity Kane star Aubrey O’day says she’s well on her way to completing her post Danity Kane debut. “With my solo album, I’m keeping true to the Danity Kane roots, with the R&B/pop roots,” says O’day, who is also MTV’s Female Pop MVP. “I’m taking more of a rock-electronic edge to it, and I’m a little rocker in my heart. I think it’s going to be fun, danceable music that is outside of the box and allows you to express yourself in any way possible, which is exactly who I am as a person.” While O’Day is cheerful about her solo album, which has no release date or single at this time, she may not be enthused about Perez Hilton’s response to her ‘Nice Blogging’ statement. According to MTV, the self proclaimed ‘Queen of all Media,’ who recently released a book, says Aubrey should worry about her wardrobe ! “Bless her heart,” says Hilton. “I challenge her to wear more clothes and less makeup!” O’Day had challenged Perez to become a ‘positive Perez’ in 2009 instead of a ‘spending 10 to 20 hours of the day typing up negativity.’ According to Perez, he can care less what the ousted Danity Kane singer says: “She says that she wants me to be more positive, yet at the same time she is craving my attention and wants to be on my Web site.”


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