Bobby V Ready For ‘Rebirth,’ Reveals Album Release/Single

Bobby V is back and ready for a ‘Rebirth’. Relaunching his career, this time on his own terms and own label (Blue Kolla Dreams), Bobby has put together ‘The Rebirth,’ his third studio album. Teaming up with Raphael Saadiq, Lil Wayne, L.O.S., and longtime friends Tim & Bob, Bobby says, “I release all of my stress and my energy into music with Tim & Bob. I like to work with producers that really know how to play instruments and aren’t all about the drum machines because with R&B it’s all about the music.” “Beep,” which Bobby says is ‘for the people,” leads ‘The Rebirth’. Crafted by up-and-coming Mississippi native Big Fruit, “Beep” begins as a ballad and morphs into an up-tempo sweat-inducer. Calling the single an announcement of sorts, Bobby says “I’m back, I got a new situation – it’s one of those kinds of records that’s gonna make a statement.” Balancing ‘The Rebirth’, Bobby V not only appeals to the charts with his current hit “Mrs. Officer” (Lil Wayne), but also takes listeners to church with the ballad “Give Me Your Heart”. “It’s kind of like me turning in my player card,” he says. “It’s for the grown folks”. For those digging the “Mrs. Officer” track, Bobby V. makes his production debut with the song “Make Me Say,” a follow up of sorts. Inspired by the hook he wrote and sings on Lil’ Wayne’s flirtatious hit “Mrs. Officer,” Bobby explains, “It’s about a girl that I really like so much that I can bring her around my family, bring her around my friends. She just makes me say ‘Woo!’” Bobby V’s “The Rebirth” hits stores and online retailers Feb. 10 via Blu Kolla Dreams. It is also available for pre-order at


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