Is R&B Dead ?, Bobby V Says It Sucks (Video)

Just like Nas proclaimed ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ a few years back, R&B singer Bobby V says R&B is dead and has been dead for sometime.. In an interview with ThisIs50, the former DTP star says “I really think R&B (is) dead”. “I see a lot of R&B artists that make real records (but) radio is not playing that.” Answering a question that has been debated over the last few years, Bobby V’s sentiment about the state of R&B could have some truth to it. Citing 90s power house R&B from the likes of Luther Vandross, Jodeci, Barry White and so many more, Bobby V went on to say (in video below) “being an R&B artist you gotta grind a little harder now.” “You almost have to make a record that is more Hip Hop driven in order for radio to play your record which is kinda sad.” Recognizing a flip in trends from the days when Hip Hop stars were begging to get on a new record from Mariah Carey or Mary J. Blige, Bobby V. says “at one point it was the R&B records featuring the Hip Hop records”. “As R&B artists we’re trying to get on the Hip Hop record”. What do you think…… Is Bobby V right ?…..has R&B flipped with Hip Hop ?


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