R&B singer Ne-Yo took time out this week to dispell rumors of a several month long ‘beef’ between him and Chris Brown to which he says — there is no beef. Sitting down with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Ne-Yo addressed several rumors flying around including the all too persistent ‘gay’ rumors based on the song “A Little Space” which the singer says was written for a female artist. While Ne-Yo addressed other rumors including tension between he and Lil Wayne, the R&B singer/songwriter seemed very intent on putting the “Chris Brown Stinks” rumor to bed. (Video Below) “No me and Chris Brown don’t hate each other,” Ne-Yo told Jenny Boom Boom. “Chris Brown gave me a hug after a show, one of the first shows we ever went on and he stunk after that show.” “As a matter of fact I let him know after that show and he laughed it off and kept it pushing,” Ne-Yo clears the several month old rumor up. “That’s all it was.” “There’s no beef between me and Chris Brown.” In related news, Ne-Yo’s new single “Mad” has officially been released and his remix to “Miss Independent” (“She Got Her Own”) is featured on Jamie Foxx’s new album “Intuition” in stores this week.