Jazmine Sullivan Takes On A New ‘Animal’, Talks ‘Lions’ Single

Grammy nominated R&B singer/songwriter Jazmine Sullivan is ready to take on the classic fable popularized in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ with her next single aptly titled “Lions, Tigers and Bears.” Relating the classic fable to her life in the music business, Jazmine Sullivan says “The lions, tigers and bears reference represents my career in the business. Even though it can be pretty scary and overwhelming at times, I’ve been doing it for so long (most of my life) that I can handle that.” But love, to Sullivan, is another animal: “You can’t see, hear or smell it,” she says of the four-letter word that embodies our deepest emotion. “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” becomes the singer’s third single from her now five-time Grammy nominated debut “Fearless”. Set to hit radio in January, a video for the new single produced by Salaam Remi is due to be shot next week. Summing up the story behind her third single Sullivan says “Being afraid of love and everything that goes with it, like not having complete control of your emotions and putting your heart in someone else’s hands to do with it what they please. Having to pick up the pieces and try again if things go wrong. (and they do) That’s scary. But, in the end not trying is worse than failing …” Jazmine Sullivan’s debut “Fearless” is in stores now !


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