Fall Must-Have: Hats, Caps and All That…

I love fall. Fall is my favorite season because it’s not too cold but it’s cool enough to start wearing those haute couture fashions without overheating.

I’ve always loved hats. I went through a bevy of hats when I was a little girl and I never quite shook the obsession with them. I would’ve been right at home in the ’30s and ’40s, because they loved to wear hats back then. It was a necessary accessory. It can still be in 2008.

Every fall there are hats that you MUST have for your wardrobe. This fall is no different. Here are my top hats for Fall 2008. These hats are guaranteed to add a lot of flare to your wardrobe, as well as elegance.

1) Trapper Hat: If you happen to live in an area that gets chillier in the fall, these trapper hats will come in handy. These hats from HatAttack.com combine two of the season’s hottest accessories: fur and plaid. Instead of looking campy, the plaid adds some distinction to the hat. I want these in all colors! (Link to order)

2) Cloche Hat: Naturally a timeless classic like the cloche hat would make the list. The cloche hat has been around since the 1920s and it’s still going strong this fall. The last couple of seasons ushered in its resurgence. Don’t be without it. I found this wool felt cloche by San Diego Bella for an affordable price. I am in love with the colors. (Link to order)

3) Tweed caps: For the last couple seasons, tweed has been a must have for Fall. It doesn’t appear to be slowing down and I’m glad for it. Tweed is classically elegant. Make sure you get your tweed cap to go with your tweed outfit or to add some class to your outfit. (Link to order)

4) Fedora: The fedora could arguably be the reason why hats have seen a resurgence in the new millennium. When they hit big back in 2000 to 2001, I bought up a pair. They disappeared for a little while because of the overexposed trucker hat, but they came back and look like they are going to stay. If you don’t buy any other hat this season, make sure you add a fedora to your wardrobe. (Link to order)

5) Yacht Caps: The yacht cap is a new arrival to the hat resurgence but it’s a welcome addition. Anchors may be aweigh on summer, but you can still look sophisticated and fresh from a trip to Martha’s Vineyard with one of these babies on your head. (Link to order) —— By: Tiffany ‘Seattle Slim’


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