Michael Keith Taps ‘Rock/Opera’ Post 112

Michael Keith, formerly Mike of R&B group 112 is taking on a different style of music with his debut album, a sound that has raised a few eyebrows due to its mix of Rock and surprisingly familiar Opera-tinged territory for the Atlanta native. “I’m going into a real different style because even though 112 was not for all of us having the ability to sing lead we had our style which was primarily letting ‘Slim’ sing the lead,” Keith told Singersroom in a recent interview. “A lot of us played the background so to speak, so me venturing out now in displaying my voice is a whole ‘nother world.” “I’m doing things that I never really realized I could do.” Keith’s debut takes a turn on a personal record he calls “Picture Me Ridin,” a record that details his reaction to a cheating girlfriend. “I had to put her out on the road,” says Keith. “Even though my voice is very soulful and a lot of my music is R&B based I try to implement other things for example the opera or like on “The Road,” the Country/Rock feel just so you can appreciate other types of music.” Keith says he came to a crossroads after high school. Having to choose between 112 and college, “I was going to college on a scholarship for opera but obviously 112 was most important thing to me at that point. It was either go to school or 112 so of course I decided 112.” For more on Michael Keith’s album and to find out how he got into Opera in Atlanta..click here.


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