Deborah Cox Talks ‘Life’ With John Legend, Motherhood

Deborah Cox is elated with her new album “The Promise.” Covering a commitment to quality music and family, Cox says John Legend helped to complete “The Promise.” “It is a song that is hopeful. It is also a song that talks about commitment, in terms of a commitment to family and the ones that you love,” Cox told Singersroom recently. Surprisingly, Cox was unaware of the fact that John Legend had written “The Promise” at first. “I loved the song from the get go, once I heard that John had written it I was like oh my god this is an amazing piece of music.” Recalling what “The Promise” means to her, Deborah Cox says “It’s exemplary of the place that I’m at right now in my life and I wanted that to be the title track because I felt like he nailed it.” Returning to the R&B scene after a number of years, Deborah Cox recently released “The Promise” after settling down with a loving husband and two children. “I’ve always wanted a big family but it is a lot of work and if you want to do both, which is have a career and have a family, it takes a lot out of you.” “You really have to be available to your children and their needs. I’m still learning how to balance this whole thing. It’s a complete balancing act because I love being a mother.” “The Promise,” Deborah Cox’s new album, is available in stores now and through online retailers. For more of her exclusive interview with Singersroom click here.


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