Michael Keith Charts Road After 112, ‘I Can’t Work With The Guys’

For fans of R&B group 112, the same group that brought countless hits like “Cupid,” “Peaches & Cream,” “U Already Know” and so many more, it’s a new day. According to Michael Keith aka Mike, the group is a wrap. “I’m not sure what the status is of the other three members, but myself, I am no longer in 112,” Keith told Singersroom when asked to clarify whether rumors of a group album were true. Equating his relationship with Slim, Q, and Daron to family, Michael Keith blames money, particularly a publishing check for the demise of the group. “Money and family are kind of a bad formula, when you take something away from me and my family you negate trust.” With the trust gone, Keith took some time out, two years to be exact, to decide if going solo was the right thing to do. “I was unsure about a lot of things like ‘Is this something I really want to do? – “Do I really wanna be a solo artist ?” He details this journey on “The Road,” one of 11 tracks on his debut that also includes the inspirational song “Father” and the heart broken track “Picture Me Ridin'”. Calling his album sort of a book of experiences, Michael Keith admits to being heart broken on “Picture Me Ridin”. “I’ve gone through a situation like that where I caught a girl cheating and it wasn’t really cool.” “I had to put her out on the road,” but laughs it off stating “I gave her the cab fare so it’s all good”. Michael Keith’s self-titled debut album is available now through online retailers and his official website Michaelkeithonline.com For more on Michael Keith’s interview click here.


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