Behind The Hit: R&B/Soul Songwriters Speak Up On Singersroom

Have you ever listened to a song that truly spoke to your spirit, your soul or an experience that you were going through? Have you ever gone through a break up, make up or love affair? As Whitney Houston once said “somebody had to go through it to write it.” This week at Singersroom several R&B/Soul songwriters are stepping up to the plate to reveal the secrets, stories and even gut wrenching moments that led to hits like “The Man In The Mirror,” “If You Love Me,” “After All Is Said And Done,” “Missing You,” “No Scrubs,” “Love You I Do,” “Touch My Body” and so many more. Kicking off with singer/songwriter Gordon Chambers, who penned Beyonce’s first ever solo record “After All Is Said And Done,” featured on The Best Man (1999) soundtrack, Singersroom takes a look at how a number of the star’s songs came about while also learning a thing or two about business behind the records. Taking it back to the days when Michael Jackson was moonwalking across the stage, Siedah Garrett who penned Jackson’s hit “The Man In The Mirror” and recently won a Grammy for her work with Jennifer Hudson on “Love You I Do” (Dreamgirls soundtrack) shares advice she nabbed from Quincy Jones and her own inspirational story about turning a hobby into a full scale business that even captured Oprah Winfrey’s eye. While many songs capture hearts and minds some do leave us thinking “why did they write that mess !” Songwriting duo A-Plus, much like Lupe Fiasco, takes on “Dumbed Downed” lyrics by saying “I think you have hooks that are being dumbed down and concepts that are being more thoughtful and intricate. You have “Icebox” and “Like A Boy” with easy singable hooks but crazy concepts.” Hit making songwriter Range echoes A-Plus’ sentiment: “I think the hottest joints and albums that last the longest will be ones when the artist is creating an image even if it is their life.” While a hit is a hit, even the best or most sought after songwriters like Cri$tyle, who penned Mariah Carey’s #1 single “Touch My Body,” have standards. “I have morals; I don’t need fame or money bad enough to compromise who I am as a person.” Stay clicked to Singersroom Oct. 28 – Nov. 2 as each songwriter gets their chance to shine. Featured songwriters include Gordon Chambers, Siedah Garrett, Jordy Writes, Cri$tyle, Kandi Burruss and more.


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