With a well received album the Pussycat Dolls are now bringing their brand of heat to October’s issue of Blender Magazine. Slipping down to the bare essentials — in this case the Dolls are clad in wife-beaters and white panties (pictured below) — The Pussycat Dolls rock the popular magazine with a more natural and doll-like style. Having a blast at the photoshoot the Doll’s joked: “We’re having pillow fights and sleeping in a bed together…which we like to do often.” Not a typical spread for the Dolls who in this issue take off the nails, the jewelry and their shoes for a more relaxed, natural and sexy spread. “It’s a shoot we have never really done before” says Nicole Scherzinger. The Pussycat Doll’s new album “Doll Domination” featuring the single “When I Grow Up” is in stores now. Watch highlights from their Blender photoshoot below: