Beyonce’ Cleaned Up 80 Mil’, Singer Nears Top Of Forbes List

Beyonce’ could easily do a remix of Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli,” in fact the “If I Were A Boy” singer can multiple ‘a milli’ times eighty according to a recent ‘best paid list’. According to Forbes, Beyonce earned $80 million dollars last year, placing the Grammy Award winning singer at #2 on the magazine’s “World’s Best Paid Music Stars” list. Stemming from her albums, shows, endorsement deals, movie appearances and the Beyonce’ Experience Tour, the singer came pretty close to the #1 spot which is occupied by ‘The Police’ who earned $115 million. The remainder of Forbes’ top ten includes Gwen Stefani ($27 million), Madonna ($40 million), and Justin Timberlake, who recently worked with Beyonce with $44 million.

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