Shire “Used To LovHer” Six Years Ago, Singer Picks Up The Pieces With New Album

Known as the vocal powerhouse of the short lived R&B quarter Lovher, Shire has returned to claim her spot in R&B led by the controversial single “I Used To LovHer.” As one-fourth of Sisqo’s R&B female quartet LovHer, Shire found herself out of a record deal shortly after a Soul Train Lady of Soul nomination for Best Group and a well received single entitled“How It’s Gonna Be” in 2002. In an exclusive interview with Singersroom the “I Used To LovHer” singer revealed what exactly happened behind the scenes of the ill-fated group and their shelved album that many fans were looking forward to. “Some of the things we needed as a group we weren’t getting due to his discrepancies with the label. If we needed more money in our budget for stuff it had to go through him to get approved. With all that going on we had our own internal issues amongst me and the other ladies of the group. Unfortunately one of the members had quit. It was a very hard time for us at that moment because we were trying to place a second record and we had just done the Lady of Soul Awards but Def Jam was standing still. They didn’t know what to do with the situation. So when we weren’t able to pull it together and Sisqo didn’t have any answers they decided to drop the group.” Six years later Shire says “My dream and my aspirations to sing doesn’t stop at just one situation, one deal, or one group” of her time with LovHer. Kicking off her debut album entitled “Picking Up the Pieces” with the controversial single “I Used To Lovher” Shire already has people talking. In a video shot for the single, Shire is seen with a woman in what appears to be a ‘my girl gotta girl friend situation (Ray Lavendar)’leading many to question her motive behind the single and her sexuality. Shire, who keeps an eye on today’s blogs says “it’s meant to have multiple meanings.” For fans familiar with her LovHer situation it’s a given that the title relates to the group however Shire says “It can be for a friendship, it could be about your preference if you’re a woman that’s gay, it can be something a man would sing, or for example, it could be a song one of my cousins would sing about a friend of hers that did her wrong.” Shire is currently on tour promoting her new single and forthcoming album, for more of her exclusive interview with Singersroom click here. For more information about Shire’s upcoming tour dates and more visit her at


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