Steph Jones Sets DTP Record Straight, Shines Light On Upcoming Projects

Steph Jones aka The Mo City Alien set the record straight on his rumored release from Disturbing The Peace Records, his love life and his album in a exclusive interview with Singersroom. Known to many for his charming, out-of-the box and often eccentric ways, R&B singer/model Steph Jones has made quite a name for himself over the past two years. Shifting from Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger and Gap ad campaigns to the mic, Steph Jones says “the crazy thing is that singing was the first thing and modeling just happened to take off.” After spending time in a french prison at the peak of his modeling career, which he now calls a fortunate experience, Jones began to focus on his music career which led to his signing with Ludacris’ DTP Records. “The second day after I got out I recorded my first song ever and now we are here” says Jones. Although Jones has been focused on his music for the last two years, his debut album has yet to be released. Despite there being no official label release, Jones has had a number of successes with songs like “Mr. Ordinary” and “La La Means Love” in addition to his appearance on the hit single “Celebrity Chick.” Despite these successes Jones left DTP records earlier this year leaving many confused as to when and if his project would ever be released. Clearing up any confusion about being dropped from Disturbing the Peace Jones says “I never got dropped. I requested a release from DTP and Luda and Chaka granted it to me.” Citing creative differences, Jones has set out to find a new home for his album, where he feels he can truly be understood. “I just felt that the Mr. Ordinary Project would be better at a different home with somebody who understood– like fully understood– my quirkiness” says Jones. Even though he is no longer affiliated with the label, Jones insists there is no bad blood, in fact he remains in contact with the group “they’re my family, you know, and I still have mad love for them. I still talk to Chaka.” Moving forward Jones has set out to retain ownership of all publishing by inking a contract with Cobalt Publishing. Although no release date has been set for his project, Jones has been busy in the studio turning out new songs. “I’ve just been working in the studio and I’ve been cranking out a couple of cool songs lately. I just want to write and I want to share my thoughts and melodies with other people.” For more of Steph Jones’ exclusive interview with Singersroom click here.


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