No Apologies Here: Ne-Yo Tells Britney Spears ‘I Don’t Care, The Songs Were Not Yours’

Ne-Yo is not playing with Britney Spears or her management! According to a recent interview the singer says Spears has a long way to go before he holds songs for her! According to the UK’s Guardian, Ne-Yo says he doesn’t care about Britney Spears’ feelings being hurt when she heard about him giving songs he penned for her to Nicole Scherzinger. “I heard that she was upset with me, and you know, I don’t care,” says the “Closer” singer who had written six to eight songs for the pop singers album due later this year. According to Ne-Yo, the singer’s management never returned his calls, never paid him, and Spears even missed multiple sessions where she was to show up and provide input on the songs. The singer/songwriter recalls “We set up multiple sessions where she was supposed to actually come in and give her input on the songs, but she never showed up. OK, she’s goin’ through some things – whatever, fine. This was before the whole shaving of the head thing, but after that happened, her people stopped returnin’ phone calls.” After meeting up with Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls Ne-Yo gave some of the songs away prompting Spears’ management to take action against the songwriter who they had not paid and ignored. Hey! What’s goin’ on? Why’re you givin’ away Britney’s music?’ I’m like, ‘Wait, wait-wait-wait-wait-wait! Until y’all cut me a cheque, I’m givin’ away my music. It may’ve been written with Britney in mind, but it’s not hers” he recalls. “My door swings both ways. Whitney and Michael – those are artists you wait on,” he continues. But Britney? Nah, not yet. You got a little workin’ to do before you get to where I sit on a song for you. Sorry.”


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