SWV Singer Teaches Women To Avoid Hateration In New Book

Taj of the iconic R&B trio SWV has set out to explore why women hate on each other and how they can stop in her new book “Player HateHer” out this month. Known widely for her part in SWV who topped the charts in the early 90’s with “Weak” and “Right Here,” Tamara Johnson George aka Taj says “our mission for this book is to create an awareness that will spark a movement among women.” The book co-written by the singer’s close friend Katrina R Chambers takes a hard look at why women hate on each other – a product of the duo’s realization that they too were exhibiting signs of “hateration.” In a recent interview with BV Buzz’s Jawn Murray, Taj recalls a day at the pool while on vacation: “Katrina and I started writing this book ten years ago after a business trip in the British Virgin Islands. While sitting at the pool bar we noticed a young lady walking towards us. She was cute, slim and rocking the hell out of a really cute two-piece bikini. Katrina and I immediately started finding things wrong with her,” she explained. The ‘Weak’ singer said she and Chambers felt guilty upon realizing the same lady they had criticized was actually quite pleasant. Later they came up with the title for the book “Player HateHer” and a list of signs that tell you if you are indeed a Player HateHer. If you exhibit any of these traits, you may be guilty of being a Player hateHER: * You get upset when people don’t notice how fabulous you are. * You vow to get revenge on your boyfriend’s mistress, instead of him. * You become angry when you see someone wearing the same outfit you purchased, as if it were produced just for you. By telling their story through a humourous, anecdote filled exploration of the many ways women stab each other in the back and talk about each other behind closed doors George and Chambers hope to establish a dialogue around the issue – a much needed lesson in respecting one another and respecting yourself. Player HateHer is available now through bookstores and online retailers.


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