R. Kelly Verdict Spawns ‘Boycotting’ Petition

Just a few days short of the one month anniversary of R&B singer R. Kelly’s acquittal, an online petition calling for the boycott of anything the singer touches has begun to gain momentum. The petition which was put together by a number of black male writers including Dr. William Jelani Cobb calls for the boycotting of the singer/songwriter among other things. In signing the petition black males are asked to make a personal pledge to never support R. Kelly again in any form or fashion, unless he publicly apologizes for his behavior and seeks help for his long standing sexual conduct. Titled “Black Men Against the Explotation of Black Women,” the petition launched just days after the verdict was read and is fast approaching 2,000 signatures. Despite the fact that Kelly was found “not guilty” after years of trial delays and record breaking album sales organizers say this is more about the black community as a whole, R. Kelly is in some ways “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” “This is about more than R. Kelly’s claims to innocence. It is about our survival as a community. Until we believe that our daughters, sisters, mothers, wives and friends are worthy of justice, until we believe that rape, domestic violence and the casual sexism that permeates our culture are absolutely unacceptable, until we recognize that the first priority of any community is the protection of its young, we will remain in this tragic dead-end.” What do you think, would you or did you sign the petition ? Source: Jelanicobb.com


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