Peeping Toms Snoop into Beyonce’s Passport Records

According to reports, R&B superstar Beyonce Knowles’ passport has been improperly accessed, making her the latest big name Celeb to be targeted by criminals. An investigation promised by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice revealed that department employees had looked at the records of 127 politicians, athletes and entertainers, often multiple times. That represents 85 percent of the records chosen by investigators from the State Department inspector general’s office for review between September 2002 and March 2008. The report was undertaken after it was learned that contract employees of the department had peeked at the confidential passport records of presidential candidates John McCain, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, as well as model Anna Nicole Smith and Beyonce Knowles, whose passport file is said to have been accessed more than 100 times. The inspector general said they could not determine whether the access was authorized or not due to a lack of appropriate policies and procedures. The report made 22 recommendations to protect the passport records including limiting the number of people authorized to have access to records. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has issued an apology over the security breaches.


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