Raven Symone Says ‘I’m Not a Kid Anymore, Talks ‘Hollywood Life’

Former “Cosby Show” and “That’s So Raven” star Raven Symone says she’s graduated from the child phenom role with her sights set on her latest album. The singer/actress and now 22-year-old movie producer says she is tired of being perceived as just a little girl. After a successful run on the Disney Channel’s hit show “That So Raven” the star says she believes she can change these perceptions through her music. Symone released her fourth studio album last month lead by the up tempo single “Double Dutch Bus.” But behind the up tempo and bubbly songs reminiscent of her television character the singer gets personal for the first time. On “Love Me or Leave Me” the “College Road Trip” executive producer digs deep into a tough past relationship. Symone says “When I was recording it, I was crying because I don’t like putting my business out there.” While many are familiar with her fun and outgoing characters, few know the real Raven Symone. “I don’t talk about my personal life a lot, because it’s not for everybody’s knowledge,” she said. “But that is what grows people up. Even when I talk about it, I get antsy” the star added. As for the new album, which features production from Timbaland and Sean Garrett, Symone credits both producers for helping her to unleash her inner thoughts including the struggles of being a young woman in Hollywood. The star unleashes her story on “Hollywood Life,” detailing her struggles of becoming famous, dealing with the pitfalls of loneliness and weight loss. “There are so many girls who are trying to be famous, and trying to conform to a style or body type,” Raven-Symone said. “But they are fine just the way they are.” “This is a something that a lot of people need to hear,” the singer says of “Hollywood Life,” later adding “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, except in Hollywood: It’s whoever says what is beautiful,” she claimed. “So everyone follows. For me, I’m fine with how I am. I’m not trying to be a certain size.” Raven-Symone, the singer’s fourth studio album is in stores now !


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