Kelly Rowland’s Mother’s Day Tribute to Her Mom and ‘Other Mother’

R&B singer Kelly Rowland born Kelendria Trene Rowland in Atlanta, Georgia, the daughter of Doris Rowland Garrison and Christopher Lovett, who were married after Kelly was born. When she was seven, her mother took her and left her father, who was an abusive alcoholic. At the age of seven, Rowland relocated to Houston, Texas, where she joined a singing group, along with her cousin Beyoncé Knowles and friend LaTavia Roberson. During this time Rowland started to build her now present mother daughter relationship, with not only her mother Doris, but also with Tina Knowles, her ‘other mother’. Below is Kelly’s Mother’s Day tribute to her two ‘moms’ Dear Momma and Mama T, God must have thought I was really special to give me two mothers. Momma, I remember when you’d clap your hands and listen as I sang along every week to the theme song for the show Amen. You’d look at me like I was the sun and the moon and say, “Sing up, baby…a little louder.” It meant so much that you believed in me. When we had rough times in Houston, you did your best to balance our family with your job as a live-in nanny. And I know it was difficult for you to run me back and forth for rehearsals after I joined Destiny’s Child. I spent a lot of nights at the Knowleses’ house. Soon a month turned into a year, then years. You came by every day, though, and cooked dinner, and we’d all eat as a family. It was because of your strength and sacrifice that I was able to dream so big. And Mama T, you took extra time to rehearse with me when I got my first lead song at 12. My voice was so small then, and you’d tell me to “sing up,” just the way my momma did. When we lost our first record deal, you didn’t let us get lazy; you encouraged us. You’ve taught me so much about following my gut, honoring my boundaries, and keeping an eye out for red flags in my relationships. It doesn’t matter if the question is business or personal, I know you’ll always have the answer. Your spirit is so sweet, and your wisdom is endless. I love you both so much. You’re my heroes, my best friends. I can’t thank you enough for grooming me into the woman I am today. Now I want you both to be comfortable and happy and never want for anything—and I can’t wait to give you some grandkids! Love, Kelly Source: Letter from


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