India.Arie Launches Label With Universal Republic Records

R&B singer/songwriter India.Arie has entered her new imprint SoulBird Music into a label deal with Universal Republic Record. Arie’s musical partner and R&B sensation Anthony David will be the first artist to release an album under the new banner, with his much anticipated major label offering, Acey Deucey, scheduled for in-store release on June 17. “I’m excited that Tony will be the first artist to be released on SoulBird,” stated India.Arie, “Tony is a great talent and one of my oldest friends. I have so many memories with him. Not only did he encourage me to start performing professionally, but it was Tony who suggested I use my first and middle name as an artist. There was even a time when he spent his rent money for me to experiment in the studio.” Describing Anthony’s sound as ‘Bill Withers meets Mos Def,’ India.Arie adds, “ I love his music for how he speaks from a man’s emotional perspective in relationships, and his views on learning about life as a young man of the hip hop generation.” “Music with wings” is the philosophy behind SoulBird, in whose operation India.Arie will play an active role. “In this era, soul is not a sound or a color, it’s an intention,” she says in a statement. “That’s the kind of music I want SoulBird to represent: music with intelligence and heart, music that moves people in their souls and their bodies. Music with wings.” “Acey Deucey” will be comprised of tracks from David’s two critically acclaimed independent albums, 2004’s “Three Chords and the Truth” and 2006’s “Red Clay Chronicles.” He and India.Arie duet on lead single “Words,” which the pair also wrote. Going to R&B radio nationwide on April 15, the single first appeared on “Red Clay Chronicles.”


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